Over 140,000 apps for iPad.For work, play, and everything in between.

Apps on iPad look and feel like nothing you’ve ever experienced. They’re available from the App Store in virtually every category. And more are added every day.

  • Apple Apps

    Edit HD movies. Read novels. Create presentations, spreadsheets, and more. Learn more

  • Business

    Manage your contacts, track stocks, and get real-time market quotes. Learn more

  • Education

    Tour the universe, listen to speeches from accomplished people, and brush up on your math skills. Learn more

  • Entertainment

    See what’s playing in theaters tonight, discover what’s new in the world of technology, or turn your iPad into a turntable. Learn more

  • Games

    Take the checkered flag, lead your team to the championship game, and save civilization from evil. Learn more

  • Lifestyle

    Find great deals in your neighborhood, cook up the perfect dish, and keep up with culture.Learn more

  • News

    Stay in the know as you tap into the hottest topics and breaking news from all over the planet. Learn more

  • Social Networking

    Update your status, share photos and video, and let the world know what you’re up to.Learn more

  • Sports

    On the court, in the gym, or at the track, these apps will help you stay ahead of the game.Learn more

  • Travel

    Book that overdue vacation and find the best spots to see before you get there.Learn more



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